Weirs operated by the State Enterprise Povodí Vltavy

Before the approaching season of water sports, the State Enterprise Povodí Vltavy has renewed visible information signs „WARNING, WEIR“ or it has fixed them newly, to draw attention to near weirs and to suitable places for landing. These information signs are located mainly at stretchs of rivers very frequently used by vacationers, before weirs operated by the State Enterprise Povodí Vltavy.

We do consider necessary to warn the general public about the fact, that weirs are water works built to fill several roles in water management and with exception of those with a special sport sluice, weirs are not primarily intended for navigation. Using water flows for recreational purposes, including navigating over weirs, is at your own risk, and everyone has to responsibly consider not only eventual obstacles on the flow, but also the size of flow and other circumstances for a safe navigation.

We are continuously adapting the places to access or to leave rivers by the weirs, in order to enhance the comfort of water sportsmen. We will also build new sport sluices within the frame of reconstruction of weirs. Following consultations with the Czech Union of Canoeists, we are equiping selected weirs with simple devices to allow self-saving or saving in necessary case. Anyway, we recommend to avoid dangerous situations.

According to statistics, most deaths and accidents are caused due to inexperience, underestimation of the flow during floods, navigating at night, drinking alcohol, and so on!!

We appeal to all water sportsmen and swimmers, do not overestimate your strenght and abilities, do not damage information signs and saving devices!

We wish everybody a lot of pleasant moments and nice experiences while doing water sports in our rivers.


Information sign at the weir Soukeník on the Lužnice River

informační cedule

sportovní propust

výstupní, nástupní místo


Saving devices in the weir of Český Šternber

záchranné prvky