Povodí Vltavy, State Enterprise, continues the best national tradition and know-how of Czech water management. The main goal is to improve a versatile use of surface water and groundwater within the whole hydrological Vltava River Basin, so as this area survives as an important place for its healthy environment and a full-value life for people. 

Povodí Vltavy, State Enterprise, administrates on a total area of 28.708 square km more than 23.000 km of watercourses. From that number, 4.761 km are determined as watercourses of great importance, more than 11.700 km are determined as watercourses of lesser importance and the remaining are small brooks and creeks. Furthermore, the state public enterprise is entitled to manage 106 water reservoirs, (from which 31 are water reservoirs of great importance) as well as 19 lock chambers on the Vltava waterway, 47 gated weirs and almost 300 fixed weirs and 19 small hydroelectric power plants. 

The basic role of the state enterprise consists in the following:

  • execution of rights and obligations of the river basin administrator, administrator of important and determined lesser watercourses, as well as of another small watercourses, management and maintenance of state-owned waterworks with the entitlement to manage, 
  • execution of other rights, obligations and entrusted activities,
  • execution of right on management of the determined state-owned immovable and movable property,  
  • water management in waterworks in compliance with the terms stipulated by the state water-right authorities,
  • providing of expert opinions related to intentions of investors and chattel owners in the river basin,
  • ensuring flood protection arising under the duties of watercourses administrator, river basin administrator and owner of water works,
  • providing professional advice to water-right authorities at decision-making process, 
  • developing river basin management plans of partial river basins Upper Vltava River, Berounka River, Lower Vltava River as well as plans of other Danube tributaries,
  • surveying and evaluation of surface water and groundwater status, including operational monitoring of surface water quality,
  • development of conditions for a reasonable, considerate and environmentally sustainable use of surface water and groundwater and water courses. 

Povodí Vltavy, State Enterprise, brings on its website up-to-date information about:

  • water levels and flows, 
  • flood status, 
  • surface water quality, 
  • water works and extraordinary manipulations with water on these waterworks,
  • river basin management planning